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Written by: Ayesha Arshad
Published: May 16th, 2023

Welcome! My name is Ayesha, and I will be happy to assist you today. To begin, "Ayesha K. Arshad's Digital Business & Marketing Services" is an AAPI/APIDA female owned, culturally diverse, multimedia, small business. Me, and my wonderful team of multiracial colleagues focus on creating services and products related to various artistic medias.Our goal is to create business group that focuses on multiple artistic creations including but not limited to digital art, traditional art, traditional music, digital music, literary arts and curio entertainment services.Specifically, this business aims to offer unique, professional quality products and services created by a group of amazing and talented artists. This business also offers advice related to various artistic mediums and business.

Ayesha K. Arshad

We offer business and marketing related educational services in the Broward county area for social media marketing, product management, marketing and sales research as well as marketing services with a specialty and focus on rebranding, public image and products or services for artistic, literary and curio entertainment related pursuits.

Artwork by Neekodraws

Rest assured, this business is LGBT+ friendly, and supports a non-discrimination business culture. We value respect, integrity and open mindedness. Our goal is to provide clients with amazing services and products at reasonable rates, with the highest, most professional quality.Visitor Note: This website is currently under redesigning and will be fully completed by 6/1/2023.

Our Products & Services!

This business offers a variety of unique artistic merchandise ranging from digital products such as music, e-books, audiobooks and guided meditation audio clips; physical products such as printed books, printed artwork, and promotional items; and curio services such as fortune telling, astrology, yoga, and other unique entertainment services. Additionally, this business will be offering business and marketing guides in the future. For more information, please visit our product websites below.

Ashiqui by Ayesha K. Arshad

Ashiqui - Science Fantasy Romance Novel Series

"Step into the world of Ashiqui, a fictional alternate universe where supernatural beings dwell amongst the mortal race. Follow along the journey of two main characters, Raiszadah, a spicy catlike fire goddess who is stuck in the mortal realm due to family drama and Zhou Bai..."

Black Kitty's Diary - Short Stories & Poetry Books

"Sometimes our thoughts are jumbled, uneasy and conflicting. So, we write and organize the web of chaos within the mind that we ourselves weave. In writing this book, Ayesha K. Arshad..."

Ayesha Arshad - Black Kitty's Diary
Psychic Tolkien

Tolkien's Yogini Meditations

"Get in touch with your inner mindscape, free yourself of the outer world and focus on the world within you. Listen to peaceful and relaxing audios created from healing the mind and uplifting one's mood."

Psychic Tolkien's Astrology & Fortune Telling

"Leila al-Tolkien is a very intuitive person who offers astrology services, tarot readings, energy readings, and no tool predictions also known as intuitive readings. Additionally, I have knowledge in kundalini, pranayama & brahmacharya yoga, tarot and Greek astrology; which I use to provide excellent services to all my clients."

Psychic Tolkien

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Follow me on social media, I am most active on Instagram! :D I post updates, sneak peaks at new works and special discounts on merchandise! If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me for any business inquiries, using the contact form to your right. Have a wonderful day! :)Legal Disclaimer: All contents belong to Ayesha K. Arshad. All rights are reserved, any reproductions of Ayesha K. Arshad's works without explicit consent will be persecuted under federal and local laws immediately.